DSW Creates A "Glass Slipper" Collection That Cinderella Would Have Hated

Marc Jacobs set the bar fairly high when he designed a pair of transparent pumps back in March. But, since not every fairy-tale dreamer can afford a $595 Cinderella moment, we were particularly thrilled when we caught wind that everyone's favorite discount shoe source, DSW, was creating an entire collection based off the glass slipper.
Said a representative from DSW, "The inspiration for the line came from the vision of Disney artist Mary Blair's original art for the film. We took a close look at the film's aesthetic details — the rich textures and fabric, the beautiful blue in Cinderella's dress, even the French rococo-inspired scenery. Every whimsical touch featured in the footwear collection came right out of the film."
Even as tots, we loved Cinderella's outfit for its simplicity (That black choker! That tiara headband! The shimmering blue dress with the peplum!), and fell especially hard for the glass slipper whose minimalism seemed more appropriate for a Margiela reimagination than the beaded, beige satin, Mother-of-the-Bride snoozers in this collection. Seriously. It's inspired by Cinderella's glass slippers and we don't see a single on-trend clear heel or lucite panel — just black lace, peep toes, and sequined rosettes we may have considered (and rejected) once for Prom. The shoes will be available starting October 1 (to coincide with the re-re-release of the Disney Cinderella movie) and will range from $59.95 to $89.95. (Racked)

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