16 Guy-Approved Gifts That Will Make Any Man Melt

When it comes to buying gifts for significant others, it's easy for both sexes to resort to pop-culture-perpetuated gender defaults. And yes, while there's nothing wrong with a sparkly bracelet or some lacy skivvies, can you imagine if, on your next birthday or anniversary, you unwrapped a Sandro blazer, a Tom Binns necklace, or some Isabel Marant ankle boots? How about that dreamy Vanessa Bruno piece you've been pinning and pining after? You'd probably feel some combo of floored/ecstatic/confused-in-a-good-way — because truthfully, the cult-fave items we gals desire tend to be off the collective radar of our BFs.
Now, turn those tables and check out the view. Obviously, your man won't be mad at some cool cufflinks or fancy whiskey. But here's a news flash: Your Lanvin is his vintage Atari. Your Proenza, his ESPN documentary box set. The fellas have their cult-fave wish lists, too, and like ours, it'd be hard to know about them, sans psychic abilities.
So, we polled some of our most stylish sources and put together this fancy-schmancy guide to what men really want when it comes to gifts. And guys? You're welcome.

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