32 Newlyweds Who Tied The Knot At City Hall

For the couple who prefers a quiet dinner to a blowout affair, there's no reason to throw an over-the-top wedding complete with self-brewed hooch, a 400-person guest list, and enough harvested wildflowers to cause a national scarcity. Nope — for the low-key couple with a proclivity toward old-school romance, a City Hall wedding is the only way to do it.
With that in mind, we staked out the steps in front of the New York City Clerk's Office to catch the couples who've vowed to keep things real — documenting everything from their outfits to their love stories. So, crank up the Boyz II Men and make sure the Kleenex box is within reach — all you saps out there, this one's for you.
P.S. Can you spot a certain editor-in-chief in the mix? Congratulations Christene and Kevin!

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