Roland Mouret Thinks Shoes Will Save Your Marriage

Quick: What do you do if your marriage is failing? Counseling, second honeymoon, read Fifty Shades of Grey...or, according to womenswear designer Roland Mouret, just buy more shoes. In fact, those closet-fillers and bank-account busters might be even better for your love life than — gasp — taking a lover, in the French fashion. Call us old-fashioned, but we didn't realize adultery was a standard trick to spice up your stale relationship.
Mouret now designs for Robert Clergerie and, as he puts it, has a "long-term relationship" with shoes, so we guess he knows what he's talking about. "Shoes can be part of the sensuality and the sexuality of a woman. Not only this, they can allow a woman to inhabit different identities — and even help her to adopt a different character, should she desire it," he explains. And heels can also help you re-position your breasts, according to Mouret, which is, at least, an interesting change if not necessarily a sexy-sounding one.
There's no doubt that a new outfit or a hot pair of heels can put a spring in your step, and confidence is a key part of a healthy relationship. So, married readers: Is this a valid new excuse to stop by Barneys on the way home?
Image via The Corner.

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