Is This The Ultimate Fall Must-Have? We Think So...

Call us sentimental, but we can't help but get excited about back-to-school shopping even though we might not have had a school to head back to for quite some time. While we love flipping through the multitude of pages in all of the glossy September issues currently on the newsstands and dreaming of ball gowns and sky-high heels, what really gets us going are those classic fall styles that we've been wearing since we were in lower school. The gold standard of these staples: oxford shirts.
Just because we might not be readying ourselves for classes, keggers, and late-night study sessions doesn't mean we don't want to embrace our inner prep. Whether it's because these smart shirts are super-versatile or that they're just, well, a smart buy, we're obsessed. Ahead, the ten options that come out...ahead of the curve.

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