5 Denim Trends You Need For Fall

After what has felt like an eternity of rehashing the same denim trends over and over...and over, we seem to finally be enjoying a revival of creative jean-ious (sorry, couldn't help it).
Seriously, though, new washes, treatments, and cuts are making this year the most exciting one since the '80s (except this time around, everything is a whole lot prettier). No longer do you only have a choice between distressed and dark denim in the shops — now, the decisions look more like "floral or paint-splattered?" or "high-waisted bottle-green or tapered metallic pink?"
And since fall '12 will be no different, and we've compiled the five styles we see flying off the shelves first. Here's to being as daring with your jeans as you are with the rest of your wardrobe — now, let's get to shopping, please!
Photo: Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

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