10 Asymmetrical Frocks For Breezy End-Of-Summer Dressing!

We wouldn't call Stephanie Seymour's wedding gown in 1992's "November Rain" a high-fashion moment, but it definitely foreshadowed a trend that's currently making the L.A. rounds. From red-carpet premieres to Intelligentsia coffee lines, it would be near impossible not to spot an asymmetrical hemline.
Deemed by most as "the mullet skirt" (what an icky name, right?) we've seen these suckers on all ends of the style spectrum. Sunset Strip regulars pair 'em with studs and motorcycle boots, while Venice dwellers often add nothing but a belt and gladiator sandals. But, best of all, these somewhat skin-baring looks reach baller status when matched with an athletic sweater and sneakers.
No matter which way you wear it, a waterfall dress (another silly name we've heard!) is perhaps overdue to make an appearance in your wardrobe. What are you waiting for? You've already got Axl Rose's approval!

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