Bring On The Frankenstorm! 9 Rainy-Day Essentials To Help You Survive

Are you ready for the tropical storm, aptly dubbed "Frankenstorm," that's due to hit the east coast on Tuesday, just ahead of Halloween? We're pretty sure the answer is no. So, step up your preparedness with these protective pieces that will ensure that you don't drown on your way to pick up more flashlights.
Because even if the storm bypasses you, this is the time of year when we all sit around and reminisce about battening down the hatches during Wilma, the way we lost power when Ivan hit, and our guilty pleasure looking forward to hurricane parties. That's right — hurricane season is coming.
Before it hits, we've got a host of hot, wet days. While we wish we could stay inside forever, it IS Halloween, so beat the bad weather blues with a couple of cute, waterproof items that'll will protect you as you trick-or-treat. While none of these cute pieces are ready for a category one, they'll certainly brighten up your day. And after the weather we've been having, that sounds a-okay to us.

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