Well, This Is Different: Blake Lively Says She Won't Do Nude Scenes

In the unfortunate cinematic event that was Savages, Blake Lively basically plays a sex machine whose only nod to character is living in California and owning a surf board (no evidence that she actually knows how to use it). The first half of the film features her having loud orgasms on couches with a window wide-open, and then different sounding orgasms on beds, and then a threesome. And yet the Gossip Girl told InStyle that she won't do nudity because it distracts from the film. Puzzling? Or shades of gray (pun only moderately intended)?
Regardless of how we you feel about Savages, it's possible the movie may have merits beyond being just another over-the-top money pit (although if anyone else watched that cast interview with Charlie Rose, you wouldn't have guessed it, going in, right? Or were we the only ones who were duped?). But seriously, there's no denying that sex and nudity are essential parts of Ophelia, Blake's beach-bum character named after "that basket case from Shakespeare."
Maybe when she gave her quote to InStyle, she forgot that the movie ever happened? We know we wish we could. But it seems odd for an actress to come down so hard on nudity on film (and by extension, the actresses who do it and the movies that include it) after so recently having done it herself. And without explanation.
We're not saying she can't change her mind, or that she doesn't have the right to backpeddle. But this soon? Clearly, we need more information here, because as it is, this does not make any sense. Any thoughts? Because we're all ears. (Oh No They Didn't)
Image via Oh No They Didn't.

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