Design On A Dime: Where To Buy The Coolest, Cheapest Art

Walk into anyone's home, and we bet the first thing you notice is what's hanging on the walls. Art, in all of its forms, is that magic decor touch that elevates a space and tells a visual story about its inhabitants.
And, while we've graduated from college-era posters (Klimt + Audrey + D-Day kiss, anyone?), we're still a long way off from scooping the kind of eye-candy prized by serious collectors. But, in our years-long hunt to feather our own nests on the cheap, we've compiled a running list of amazing, accessible web sites for museum-worthy pieces at totally affordable prices. And naturally, we're sharing said list with you!
No matter your taste — from black-and-white photography to abstract landscapes to old-time oil portraits — you'll find something rad and original that'll give you major design cred without wiping out your savings account.

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