Want Ultra-Shiny, Shampoo-Ad Hair? The Secret Is...Beer

While we've never had a problem saying yes to a cold one in the past, we've just discovered a new favorite reason to stock up on six-packs: shiny, silky locks. Crazy as it may sound, beer does delicious things for your hair and scalp. The malt nourishes and smoothes hair, while yeast strengthens your strands and pumps up the volume.
It seems like beauty brands are getting clued in to the healing powers of a brewsky, as more and more beer-inspired beautifiers are cropping up on shelves. Blue Moon fan? Redken for Men's new Clean Brew Extra Cleansing Shampoo (out in September) uses orange zest, malt, and brewer's yeast to de-gunk your scalp and increase volume, adding a little zing to your shower routine. Like your beer a little more potent? Give Lush's Cynthia Sylvia Stout a try — it uses an organic, vegan Irish stout that'll both defrizz your crop and up its gloss factor.
Intrigued by all the brew-ha-ha (couldn't help it) but not quite ready to commit your $$$? You can still join in on the fun with a DIY beer rinse. According to our friends at Beautylish, all you need is a can of warm, room temperature beer. After shampooing your hair, pour the beer over your damp locks, massaging it into your scalp and ends with your fingers for a few minutes. Rinse and apply your conditioner as usual. Your hair will look soft, shiny, and full, plus the conditioner will ensure your strands don't smell like a frat party after you step out of the shower. (Beautylish)
Photo: Via Heartland Brewery

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