3 Crazy-Chic Hairdos Perfect For SoCal Ladies

To be quite honest, most of our hair styling takes place at red lights and stop signs. We even have a stash of bobby pins and dry shampoo in the glove compartment should we happen to find ourselves en route to an event. Sure, it may be a bit much, but you can't expect to turn heads if your mane attraction isn't up to par.
Luckily, SoCal's laid-back vibe also jives well with simple 'dos that are just as easy on the eyes. This city pretty much invented beachy waves, and top knots and braids are perfect for chicks who spend time on the surf or at Sunset Junction. To make sure you're a head and shoulders above everyone else though, we found three runway looks ideal for any Angeleno — and the products to to help you get 'em, stat. Lock and load!

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