Hold The Big Mac: 8 Healthy (Delicious!) Dining Spots In D.C.

Here's the understatement of the year: We're stoked for fall. We're more than ready to swap our sundresses for snug pencil skirts and skinny jeans – but a season of burgers and Baskin Robbins hasn’t exactly left us feeling svelte and sexy. But, instead of attempting an extreme workout plan or a crazy-intense diet, we've decided to keep it simple: Effective immediately, we're filling the week with more healthy meals than unhealthy ones. Pretty clever, right?
To help in this noble quest, we've compiled a short list of the DMV's best restos, cafes, and grab-and-go spots that focus on vegetables, offer reasonable portions, and promote healthy living. We found a batch of amazing locales that offer delicious, nutritionally balanced meals, but hardly seem like health-food joints (Translation: You can cut down on your caloric intake without alienating your friends.) Click through to see our top picks and get the scoop on what to order.

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