7 Of The Raddest Jobs In The Beauty Game

You know those cheeky names that perfectly describe your new favorite polish? Or that perfect scent that captures just the right blend of alluring notes? Well, it's someone's actual job to come up with those. The beauty industry is rife with cool gigs in pretty much every sector, and we've been fascinated by these prettifying professionals for as long as we can remember, really.
With that in mind, we decided to investigate how some of our friends with the most covetable beauty jobs landed their plum positions. Whether you’re daydreaming about becoming a celeb manicurist (past the pages of Pinterest, of course) or long to burnish your own brand, let these satisfied pros give you an inside look at what exactly it is that they do all day.
We got the women behind seven of the coolest jobs in the industry to tell all about what those 9-to-5s actually entail, how they rose up the ranks, and how you can get on the fast-track to a gorgeous gig of your own.

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