Bye-Bye BB? Here Come CC Creams

If looking at the headline above made you feel like you were staring at a particularly repetitive bowl of Alphabet Soup, we hear you. We're starting to think our Korean friends are just messing with our heads. But, alliteration aside, CC creams, also known as color control creams, are heralded as the next iteration of the much buzzed-about BB cream.
Just like the blemish (or beauty, depending on where your loyalties lie) balms we've come to know and love, CC creams are said to be all-in-one complexion perfectors that function as both a skin-care product and makeup. What makes CC different than BB (seriously, we feel like we just fell into a very special episode of Sesame Street here, guys) is that they are said to provide more coverage, as well as the addition of even more skin-nourishing ingredients. So, BB creams with superpowers?
Right now, we're seeing CC Creams from the same brands that pioneered blemish balms: Missha, iFiona, Tiannuo, etc. However, Chanel, rightly sensing an opportunity, launched their own CC earlier this year in Asian markets, leading us to believe that CCs are on the fast track to a U.S. invasion. Considering many brands are just now getting around to launching their own version of the BB, we'll be interested to see how this plays out. Will BBs stay on the market, or will CCs push them right off our radars? Can DD and EE creams be far behind? And more importantly, will we ever be able to stop typing letters in doubles after this post? So many questions....
[UPDATE: We just got word that Olay will be launching a CC Cream stateside in October, so looks like you'll be seeing this trend hit counters here very soon.]

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