A Dude Helps Us Decode Men's First-Date Shoes

Beware: sweeping generalizations ahead. Of course, sweeping generalizations exist for a reason, and if not for a glimmer of truth, then at least for a good laugh and to point out our obvious perceptions. So, while there are a million things to take into consideration when meeting a guy for the first time (eye contact, posture, thoughtfulness, to name a few), we have to admit: There is nothing more snap-judgment-ready than his shoes...or so says J-Date, which posits that you can decode a dude using just his shoes.
To test out this theory, we grabbed 12 iconic pairs of kicks — shoes we've seen on many male types before — and asked our favorite dude about town, Elliot Aronow, to let us into a particular guy's psyche. Upon a first (and admittedly cursory) glance, what does his choice in footwear say about him?
Mr. Aronow doesn't just dispense great advice, but the "Our Show" producer/conceptualizer/editor-in-chief and Playboy style columnist has one solid goal, and that's to make the sartorially challenged man take a couple risks and feel good about himself. He gives us his take on what each of these shoes say about a male approach to date nights.
Click through to see if you agree with his two-second shoe assessment, and let us know: Should we see what dudes think about the first-date shoe...for women?

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