Fit To Be Tie-Dyed! Here Are 13 Ways To Revamp The Boho Trend

Ditch the hacky sacks. Throw out your Woodstock '94 (or '99?…or '69?) shirts. But, let's go ahead and bring back a classic '60s staple in modern-day style: tie-dye! Today's chic, new batch of patterned skirts, dresses, shorts, and tees is a far cry from those summer-camp mishaps (you know, with the rubber bands and tubs of dye).
With summer winding down, we've got 13 breezy pieces that'll channel your inner boho babe without the Birkenstocks. Think sunset hues, easy items to revamp your black-and-white staples, and inventive colorways to breathe new life into your frocks—all courtesy of tie-dye. Click on through to see how groovy goes glam. It's a good tip, we promise.

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