Lace & Leather, Florals & Frills: 12 Fabulously Femme Zara Finds

Don't get us wrong — we love our minimalism as much as the next Raf Simons worshipper or Phoebe Philo fan. But, sometimes, we just wanna break free of all that clean-lined sleekness and embrace our ruffle-wearing, lace-loving, mega-girlie side.
This fall, Zara has something for even the girliest of girls. From dresses with super-feminine peplums, frips, and frills to the perfect demure-height heels to top it all off, these are the clothes that make us love being a lady, but, for those of you out there that like your girliness with a little grunge edge, there are some sweet leather pieces to help balance out your look.
Click on to embrace your inner maximalist with our top 12 femme finds!

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