18 Stunning Costume Jewels That Won't Break The Bank

Did you know that Elizabeth Taylor's ginormo trove of shiny treasures sold for over $100 million at auction? We get giddy just envisioning the gobs of gorgeous glitter she was dripping in. Sigh. And while we might not all be violet-eyed man magnets with millions to spare, that doesn't mean every woman isn't worthy of some opulent adornments for a total movie-star moment.
With the Dame on the brain, we mined the web for dazzling jewels with price tags that don't resemble the down payment on a car (or house, for that matter). Click through to inexpensively infuse your outfits with just enough ooh-la-la luxe worthy of sky-high appraisal. Just like the Old Hollywood adage says, "Sometimes you gotta fake it 'til you make it!"

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