14 Dream-Ticket Gowns Any Girl Would Fall For

We don't want to read too closely into what this means, but as kids, we dreamed of wedding dresses down to their most intricate details… but everything else about the big day was a big, fuzzy question mark. Actually, we're pretty sure we do know what that means.
For fashion enthusiasts like us, a wedding is one of the few opportunities to let your freak flag fly. Want to wear a top hat? Who's to say that's weird? Want to try out a twenty-foot-long train? Okay! Want to wear a neon-yellow maxi dress and carry a bouquet of green beans? We support you, 1,000%. Ahead, we've mined our own fantasies and come up with 14 beautiful, ridiculous, dream-ticket wedding dresses that we'd snap up in a flash — future partners, guests, and parents, be damned.

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