26 Hangover Antidotes Every Party Girl Should Know Now!

Last night's rager was rip-roarin' fun! But, maybe it wasn't exactly the wisest idea to guzzle champers, tequila (to-kill-ya), and who-knows-how-many brewskies. Hell hath no fury like your body ... the morning after a mix of lethal libations.
While there's no hangover cure quite like a solid night of sleep (if only they could bottle that!), instead of going all agoraphobe in bed, why don't you try this lineup of pain-easing cure-alls to transport you from the depths of hell? From the best B12 shots in town to our fave all-natural pills, consider these your Band-Aids for over-boozing. And hey, don't beat yourself up — it's not like you woke up with Mike Tyson's tattoo on your face!

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