Makeup At The Beach: Yay Or Cray?

Hot enough for you, yet? Along with this crazy-oppressive heat, the sun is glaring down on us in full force, right about now. And the makeup-melting climate forces us to pare our beauty routine down to just the basics for every day, but what about beach days?
We know that developments in cosmetics technology have made for some seriously sturdy products, but we've just never been the girl who feels like she has to rock the ubiquitous smoky eye and a swimsuit on the sands simultaneously.
We prefer to keep it barefaced at the beach: Who wants to add on a pound of makeup when it's already sweltering out? On top of that, you need to make sure everything is waterproof, otherwise you run the risk of emerging from your seaside swim looking like a drowned raccoon. It just seems like a lot of hassle for us to worry about things like streaking eyeliner when we're supposed to be frolicking.
That said, we know Kim Kardashian isn't the only one who rocks a full face of makeup, beachside. So, where do you stand on the issue? Do you feel more confident in your bikini with an extra swipe of makeup? Or are you with us in thinking the beach should be a makeup-free zone?
Photo: Courtesy of Victoria's Secret

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