All Aboard! Vuitton & Todd Selby Head To Shanghai, Ruin Your AM Commute

Train travel, for the most of us, is not glamorous in the vein of The Darjeeling Limited or Murder on the Orient Express — yes, those were both problematic, no doubt, but still luxe. Instead, New Yorkers have perfected the "vacant subway face" for daily commutes, while those enduring the long-haul version only do so with a beach/significant other/drink awaiting on the other end. This would be probably be different if we were traveled via Louis Vuitton Express.
The luxury train — which we like to imagine isn’t so different to the Hogwart’s Express — crosses continents in serious style. It travels from Paris to Shanghai, to be precise, and Todd Selby, founder and director of The Selby, is stepping aboard to document the journey. In it more for the adventure than the destination, he'll keep busy on board, making a visual diary of photos, videos, and illustrations to be revealed in bits and pieces, online, daily. We can't wait to see what LV First Class looks like. Actually, we envision that sort of does look like the Darjeeling Limited....
Crossing two continents in 12 days as it winds eastward, the LV Express pulls in to Shanghai on July 19, arriving in time for the eagerly awaited Shanghai store opening. Celebrating not only that but the art of travel itself, seems Selby has it all worked out: “Things to do on a train: draw, paint, take photos, practice painting trains...” Sounds like a solid list to us. Follow the journey online, and expect pretty, pretty things, since Vuitton and The Selby are involved. Check out this sneaky teaser below — just don't blame us when tomorrow's commute seems even more bleak and miserable than usual.

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