Could You Pull Off A Pixie Cut? Here's Some Advice

We love long hair, but seriously, is there anything more disgusting than peeling your matted locks off of your sweaty back in the sweltering summer heat? Just being outside with a full head of hair can make you feel like your scalp is overheating. It's times like these that we can really appreciate the freedom and the coolness of a pixie cut.
Not quite as extreme as Charlize Theron's shaved head, the pixie cut has seen a recent resurgence in Hollywood over the past few years, thanks to stars like Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin, and, most recently, Anne Hathaway. The allure to chop off your locks can be especially strong when you're looking to switch up your look, or are facing a big life change. According to celebrity stylist Rodney Cutler, the man responsible for Emma Watson's chic crop, there are a few factors you need to consider before you make the cut.
Cutler says that someone with an oval face shape would benefit most from a pixie cut, since their face shape is "most conducive to bearing any hairstyle. They are more symmetical and easier to aesthetically work with." However, Cutler says that if you have an elongated face and are very tall, a pixie may not work for you proportionally. You also need to be confident in your appearance, because with a pixie, your face is on full display — there's no hair to hide behind when you are feeling self-conscious.
In terms of styling, Cutler says that despite popular opinion, there are actually a few options to shake up that short cut. "Slicking down a pixie gives it more of an evening feel," he says. "I also recommend accessorizing with pins and headbands to give it a dressed up feel."
Would you take the pixie plunge? Or do you love your long locks too much to make the cut?
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