12 Cool Jean Jackets For An S.F. Summer

If there’s one love affair our city can’t seem to shake, it's the one between us and our heritage denim. This is in no small part due to blue-jeans behemoth Levi’s Strauss and Co. calling S.F. home for ages (proud moment). Brand us denim obsessed, but it’s safe to say we don’t take this fabric lightly.
So, when the cool months creep up and Karl the Fog casts his formidable, hazy layer, San Franciscans reach for, well, their layers. And one staple that is not just timeless, but much needed is a solid jean jacket. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to wrangle up the best of the blues. From the straightforward, no-frills silhouettes to the slightly embellished iterations (no rhinestones here), there’s an option for every denim lover out there. Click through to see 12 picks that fit the style bill just right.

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