Self Tanning For Your Skin Type: Experts' Fave Products (& Advice!)

There is nothing, we repeat, nothing wrong with being pale. In fact, the author of this post has suffered through many a "Casper The Ghost" or Beetlejuice-era Winona Ryder comparisons, and has no problem with being identified as "fair of skin." But this is Miami, and a good tan is nearly a requirement — not to mention a uniform.
Obviously we don't endorse sizzling like a slice of bacon in the sun. A faux glow is the way to go, but we'll admit that the world of self-tanners is, to be frank, a little scary. Streaks, Snooki-like orange hues, and stains are all a part of the territory, and a one-stop tanning solution doesn't fit the myriad of skin types, textures, and tones. So, we asked two Miami skin experts to spill their self-tanning secrets. From tips to brands, the Lapis Spa at the Fontainebleau and our girls at Gee Beauty share their professional artificial tanner regimes, giving you what they think you need to know to get that perfect glow, no matter your skin type.
Click through to hear what the pros have to say about getting tan the safe way!

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