Sneaky Ways To Make Your Hair Look Longer

So, you're growing your hair out. Welcome to the support group. Some of us are newbies, while others have been on this tress quest for what feels like eons. Growing your hair out is an arduous process that requires patience and perseverance. You have to fight through the mane monotony and deal with a snail-like pace of growth, seeing little return on your investment. Lame. Can a girl get a shortcut, please?
While you may not be able to make your hair actually grow faster (believe us, we’ve tried), there are some simple tricks you can employ to make your locks appear longer. We asked Michael Van Clarke, a top London stylist and founder of hair care line 3 More Inches (we like the sound of that) to share his tips on how to make your strands look like they’ve gone the distance. Read on and score that (faux) Rapunzel’s mane for yourself.
Photo: Maria Valentino/MCV Photo

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