5 Healthy Summer Recipes Even Kitchen-Chickens Can Master

Perhaps our favorite thing about summer – besides everything – is all the healthy, fresh food suddenly available at every turn. Whipping up healthy summer meals becomes a Choose Your Own Adventure of tomatoes, strawberries, and whatever else turns up in surplus in your produce department. True, there are also BBQ temptations everywhere you turn, but who wants a hamburger when you could have a fresh mango and toasted corn salad? Okay, sometimes you need the burger. It’s easy, and it’s awesome. Plus, who has time to toast corn? (Spoiler alert: You do.)
To help you enjoy the seasonal goodies, we’ve dreamed up five healthy summer recipes that are easy as pie – but involve a fraction of the calories. We’re talking no stove, no oven, and nothing you can’t find at a basic supermarket. These healthy dishes are guaranteed to satisfy, without coming between you and your bikini. Looks like you can have your cake chocolate banana pudding pop and eat it, too.

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