Muntedkowhai's Crafty Crocheted Necklaces

Crocheting isn't just for grandma's anymore... no mam, jewelry designer Puiyi Tiffany Pang has put her needles to use to create Muntedkowhai (that's munted.ko.fai in case you were having a bit of trouble wrapping your tongue around that one...), a crafty collection of necklaces handmade using crochet and tatting techniques. Each piece is completely unique, and embellished with antique buttons, and while these baubles might be a tad on the crafty side, we're thinking they'll look pretty rad layered over a black t-shirt, or paired with a pile of smaller chains and pendants. With prices running between $30-45, these baubles are on the very affordable side of things too - always an added bonus.
Available at Etsy. For more information go to

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