NYC's 30 Under 30: Meet Gotham's Game-Changers

We sure do LOVE a quick hit-list. Pretty bikinis at the ready. Jaw-dropping Met dresses. And, yes, even crazy Craigslist posts. But, while those might help get your summer outfit on lock or keep the 4 p.m. boredom at bay, we think today's morning goodness packs a punch that deserves a permanent bookmark. Over the past few months we've clocked in many a late night (and long weekend), tirelessly searching for just the right mix of inspiring professionals to make up our first annual NYC's 30 Under 30. We swore to tell nothing but the truth, we learned how to toast farrow, we took the Hippocratic Oath, we built a school in Afghanistan, and hey, we were even featured in Vogue Italia. Okay, maybe that wasn't us, but rather Refinery29's list of heavy-hitters — men and women truly making it happen in their respective fields right period now period. Not only masters of their own domains, these rising stars of Gotham are changing them entirely. From The Editor to The Style Icon to The Real Estate Mogul, our Big Apple influencers will live in your "favorites" long after they've passed the 30 mark. If they've done this much already, can you imagine what their third (and fourth, and fifth...) decade will bring?

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