3 Fancy 'Dos For Girls With Curls

For many curly haired ladies, formal events can be a real pain in the butt. Sleek, smooth hair is usually de rigeur for special occasions, meaning that many women end up struggling to battle their coils into submission with heat styling tools.
"Since curly hair is different every day, many curly girls think blow drying their hair straight is a good 'social security' policy to prevent misbehaving curls due to climate or humidity levels that they can't control," says Lorraine Massey, founder and co-owner of Devachan Salon in NYC. "But there are many individual, elegant updos you can create that allow your curls to be the star of the show and only require your hair's natural wave pattern [to create].”
Here, Massey shows us three curly styles that are perfect for a formal affair, complete with the tips on how you can recreate them at home. Rock those ringlets with pride, ladies!
Retro Siren
Massey likes Jessica Chastain's sideswept, glamour-girl curls because they have that "50s movie siren" quality to them. To get the look, she says to start by applying a leave-in conditioner to wet hair, then slicking back your hair with your fingers and gathering it to one side. Rub DevaCurl AnGEL between your hands and run it over your slicked-back hair for extra hold and frizz control. Take two or three fingers and wrap small sections of hair around them, from your knuckles to your fingertips. Slide the hair off your fingers and clip the wrapped hair with a bobby pin to create a pin curl. Continue doing this with all of the hair, then allow hair to dry. Remove the pins — Massey says the curls should now look like ribbons — then spray with a light hold hairspray.
Photo: Joseph Kerlakian/Rex USA
S Curls
According to Massey, Sophia Bush's S-shaped curls are low maintenance and perfect for day-to-night. "If you have a big event planned for the evening, this look is effortless to create in the morning and can be revived in less than 10 minutes without products or clips," she says. "Simply wet your hands in the sink, tilt your head forward, and scrunch upward. This reactivates the gel that’s already in your hair!"
To get the look, apply a lightweight curl-defining gel to wet hair. Take wide or narrow sections (depending on how tight or loose you like your curls) and begin to comb downward, from roots to mid-section, with your fingers. Wrap the hair around one, two, or four fingers (the more fingers you use, the looser the curl will be). Slide the hair off of your fingers and secure with a bobby pin. Continue doing this with all of your hair, then allow it to dry thoroughly. Unclip the pins and gently finger comb to loosen for softness.
Photo: Gregory Pace/BEImages
Pin-Up Bob
For Nikki Reed's faux-bob, Massey says second-day hair, which is extra-grippy, works best. But you can also make it work on freshly washed hair, allowing it to dry naturally for frizz-free curls.
To start, made a side-part, then gather hair loosely to create a low ponytail at the back center of your head. Secure with an elastic. Take the hair that's in the ponytail, gather it up with four fingers, and roll upward towards the elastic. Begin to tuck the hair under at the nape. Secure the hair by weaving it into the hair above the elastic and anchor with bobby pins. Allow the front of your hair to hang free, for the illusion of a bob.
Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages

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