Glow Getter: Score A Flirty Flush With These Lovely Blushes

The way we see it, a girl's collection of beauty products can be broken down into two categories. First, you have your utililitarian products (foundation, concealer, and the like) that provide the bare bones of your beauty routine. They're the beauty equivalent of a plain white tee. Then, you have your color products that are like a new pair of splurge-y neon heels — pure fun and girliness, meant to enhance your natural sparkle and glow with a little something extra. We'd have to say ballerina-pink blushes are definitely one of the highlights of the latter categor.
These luxe flush-enhancers are exactly what you need to add some flirty femininity to your beauty routine. Whether liquid, stain, or powder, they contain finely milled pigments and super-subtle shimmers to enhance your glow without ever looking obvious or streaky, and make blending a dream. They may be an investment, but like those fabulous neon kicks, they'll ensure that you look colorful and glamorous all summer!
Photo: Via Chantecaille.

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