Get Your Home Summer-Ready With Blooms From These Top L.A. Florists!

In our work-is-life world, it’s no surprise that we often forget to stop and smell the roses. While it's easy to turn to mani-pedis and dinners with friends for much-needed self indulgence, there’s nothing quite like Mother Nature's wonders to soothe the soul.
Think about it: Even the simplest of buds tucked into a mason jar can incite a smile with just a glimpse (and whiff!). With that in mind, we’ve tracked down 9 of Lala's finest florists who know that gazing at beautiful blooms can insta-melt your world-weary troubles away. And lucky for us, these creative ladies were kind enough to offer up tips for our own DIY arrangements. So, take heed, and you'll never have to wait around for your sweetheart to send you a bouquet again!
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Holly Vesecky and Rebecca Uchtman are the all-star team behind Culver City’s go-to floral atelier Hollyflora. The two count peachy astilbe amongst their favorite blooms, and once you’ve seen their striking portfolio you’ll understand why. This dynamic duo is the master of textural complement and contrast (we once received a delivery with a giant elephant ear paired with calla lilies!). 

What's your favorite flower?
"Our favorite flowers include bearded irises, peachy-blush astilbes, lilacs, and poppies."

What's your sneakiest DIY at-home tip for a gorgeous bouquet?
"We suggest doing some research and sourcing commercially available flowers to take full advantage of what is readily in season.”

Hollyflora, 2673 South La Cienega Boulevard (between Cullen and Alvira streets); 310-559-5705.

Photo: Via Hollyflora
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Clementine Floral Works
Conveniently located at Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction, Clementine Floral Works stocks beautiful stems along with super succulents in its eastside floral outpost. Owner Teri Ryan's mission is to “add nature’s point-of-view to the industrialized, mechanized, and computerized world.” This is translated in bright and bountiful bouquets placed in found containers and featuring a mix of blooms such as tulips, ranunculus, and sea holly thistle.

What's your favorite flower?
"I don't play favorites, I love them all!  but mostly I love the ones that Cain (my partner at the store and in life) picks for me while we're on hikes."

What's your sneakiest DIY at-home tip for a gorgeous bouquet?
"There is an old saying, 'A great magician never reveals their greatest tricks.' My lips are sealed!"

Clementine Floral Works, 3936 Sunset Boulevard (at Sanborn Avenue); 323-662-2808.

Photo: Via Clementine Floral Works
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Luna Moss
Echo Park-based jewelry designer-cum-florist Amy Reed likes to keep things natural with just a bit of a wild twist. We love the way bright parrot tulips burst out of a bed of soft green lamb’s ear, hydrangea, and Sarah Bernhardt peonies. Naturally, Reed’s designs fit right in with the vibe of the East-of-Vermont set, decorating chic interiors like that of revered Salon Lucas.

What's your favorite flower?
"I would have to say the hearty poppy wildflowers are one of my favorite flowers. I love to witness them break free from the sepal and see the crepe petals unfold into this fluttering fairy-like flower. I adore the papery texture of the petals and its vibrant hues are always intoxicating!"

What's your sneakiest DIY at-home tip for a gorgeous bouquet?
"If you're lucky enough to have a raised bed or a garden of fresh herbs in your yard, there is nothing better than cutting them to place in a bouquet in your home. The simplicity of lavender or mint in a recycled wine bottle, vase, or jar adds a great touch to the dinner table."

Luna Moss, No address; 310-926-8520.

Photo: Via Luna Moss
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The Woods Exquisite Flowers
You can’t talk flowers in L.A. without talking about The Woods. A westside institution for decades, this spot is evidence that commitment to quality, craft, and consistency never go out of style. When it comes to classic, upscale design there’s nothing that matches owner George Woods’ floral decadence.

What's your favorite flower?
"Well, like my wife, Evonne (the other half of The Woods) says, 'It's like trying to pick your favorite child.' With flowers, I have a favorite for each minute, or maybe second. Today, I am crazy for these big, fat, luscious burgundy peonies. Well, that was until I eyed the most beautiful garden roses, called pink piano."

What's your sneakiest DIY at-home tip for a gorgeous bouquet?
"First, remember that cut flowers love water. Be certain to cut them when you bring them home and get them in water as soon as possible. And always use a clean vase, add a few drops of bleach (for the bacteria) and maybe a little sugar to the water (for some nourishment). Most importantly, keep it simple and add water daily."

The Woods, 9014 Lindblade Street (near Culver Boulevard), 310-559-6711.

Photo: Via The Woods
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Silver Lake Farms
You’ve probably seen the products of this unique L.A. institution without even knowing it. The urban sustainable farm offers up its bounty every Sunday at the Hollywood Farmers' Market on Ivar Avenue. Catering to both the traditional (floral gift delivery) and unexpected (planting and cultivating your wedding flowers from seed), Tara Kolla's Silver Lake Farms is taking flora and fauna to the twenty-first century and beyond! 

What's your favorite flower?
“My favorite flower is a tree peony — not to be confused with the herbaceous kind, which is much easier to find.”

What's your sneakiest DIY at-home tip for a gorgeous bouquet?
“When in doubt, stick a yellow ball in it (Craspedia Globosa).”

Silver Lake Farms, for inquiries, email here; 323-644-3700.

Photo: Via Silver Lake Farms
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Twig And Twine
What first intrigued us about Heather Williams' simple yet stunning floral practice was her choice of moniker, Twig And Twine. What could be more perfectly rustic than your favorite flowers tied with a length of twine? It turns out our instincts were right — Williams is master of the romantic bouquet and farm-field-chic wedding.

What's your favorite flower?
“That's a tough's hard to choose just one! It definitely depends on the season. I get super excited when paper whites start coming to the market in the winter. Then I start drooling over ranunculus and anemones. Before you know it, peonies start appearing, and who doesn't love peonies? Dahlias and garden roses take the crown for summer and fall, which brings us into amaryllis season and then the whole process starts again.”

What's your sneakiest DIY at-home tip for a gorgeous bouquet?
“If you're making an arrangement at home, I suggest keeping it fairly simple. Using monochromatic flowers or no more than three varieties of blooms is always a good bet. And don't forget to forage in your yard for greens and other textural accents to finish the piece. I always find gems in my garden that really make an arrangement unique.”

Twig And Twine, 910 1/2 Maltman Avenue (between Marcia Drive and Marathon Street); 415-412-2884.

Photo: Via Twigs And Twine
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Tigers To Lillies
We first caught up with up-and-coming floral designer Lili Cuzor of Tigers To Lilies at an event featuring her fabulous foraged designs at Shelter Half. We just about died and went to heaven at the sight of her summery green wreath of freesias, veronica, amaranth, and anemones. Lucky for us, she regularly updates her beautiful blog with photos and information about upcoming Tigers To Lilies events all around town.

What's your favorite flower?
"I'm a big fan of keeping things as wild as possible, hence my appreciation of wildflowers!"

What's your sneakiest DIY at-home tip for a gorgeous bouquet?
"A nice DIY touch to any bouquet is to go outside and look around you — nature is bountiful! Go outside and cut a few branches, pick a few grasses, and only if there is a bush with a ton of excessive flowers (and it's not directly in someone's yard, ha!), pick a few and add all of these little forages to your store-bought bunch. It's guaranteed to bring a little more life to your bouquet, it will make it look more wild, and lastly, it will get you outdoors!”

Tigers to Lilies, for inquiries, email here.

Photo: Via Tigers To Lilies
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Botany Flowers
Who doesn’t love an excuse to make a trip to Brentwood Country Mart? We highly suggest rounding out a Sweet Rose Creamery craving with a trip to the seriously soothing Botany storefront. This beautiful shop with a distinctively French flair stocks everything you need to become the modern era's answer to Constance Spry! From gloves and shovels to cockscomb celosia, Stephanie Schur's green thumb will make your floral dreams come true.

What's your favorite flower?
"My favorite flower changes all the time. It's too hard to pick one, but a few of my favorites are Juliet garden roses, tree peonies, and dinner plate dahlias."

What's your sneakiest DIY at-home tip for a gorgeous bouquet?
"In the summer I love to add fresh herbs to the arrangement, then put them in a mason jar and let it look wild and natural."

Botany Flowers, 225 26th Street, Suite 41 (between San Vicente Boulevard and Georgia Avenue); 310-394-0358.

Photo: Via Botany Flowers
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Dandelion Ranch
When it comes to the work of Clover Chadwick, the floral aficionado behind Dandelion Ranch, you’ll hear nothing but rave reviews from all over town. Your favorite restaurants such as Lucques, Mozza, and Ammo source her flowers. Chadwick, who cut her teeth professionally at famed restaurants like Thomas Keller’s French Laundry, moved into floral design to create a design niche all her own. With one look at a Dandelion Ranch arrangement, you’ll see that Chadwick’s signature style is one that is much emulated, but never replicated.

Dandelion Ranch, 4701 West Jefferson Boulevard, #3 (at Field Avenue); 323-640-1590.

Photo: Via Dandelion Ranch

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