6 Easy Sandwich Recipes From NYC's Best Restaurants

You know when you go into a museum, stare at a Jackson Pollock, and get all like, "wait, I could do that!"? That's kind of how we feel when we eat a delicious sandwich. Not that we don't bow down to the master sammy-makers, but we also like to play Top Chef once in a while.
And, here at R29 HQ, you know we're into yummy grub and DIYs, so we combined our loves and scoured the city for some of the most delicious meals in between two slices of bread. Oh, and we got the low-down on the recipes in order to serve them up ourselves! Think you can beat The Meatball Shop, Momofuku Ssäm, and La Churreria at their own game? Step right up. But, uh, if you're anything like us, we bet you'll find the professionals really do know best.
Click through for six ways to cook like NYC's top sandwich masters.

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