5 All-Star Shampoos To Keep Your Hair Fresh & Fabulous This Summer

Meet the one product your hair needs to stay soft and shiny this summer: Clarifying shampoo. A combination of product build-up (silicones are a big culprit here), dirt, gunk, and oil in your strands can lead to a dull-looking, dried-out, and greasy 'do. Most regular shampoos are made to gently cleanse your strands, so they aren't able to stand up to the task of eradicating stubborn build-up. Clarifying shampoos are specifically designed to get rid of these dulling agents and make your hair look glossy, less greasy, and more voluminous.
While they can be great for all hair types, women with fine, oil-prone hair will see the most benefit from using these shampoos. Just be sure not to overdo it — using this formula more than once or twice a week can strip your hair of its natural hydrating oils and can cause fading in color-treated hair.
Here, we've rounded up some of our favorite clarifiers. Add them into your summer beauty rotation to help battle grease, grime, chlorine, and styling product overload.

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