Flower Power! DIY This Pretty Headband For Festival Season & Beyond

We’ve officially tiptoed into the thick of wedding season and if you’re a bride-to-be you probably have every painstaking detail planned to a T. But, inevitably, there are always a few tidbits that slip through the cracks, one being potentially wow-worthy accessories. So, if you’re still in the midst of plotting the big day or if you're a non-bride who wants to throw an eclectic adornment into your everyday mix—we have a pretty sweet DIY for you to try.
Not only is a floral headpiece oh-so fitting for outdoor nuptials, but it’s also a stark nod to S.F.’s hippie-dippie roots. So, we’re taking The Mamas & The Papas up on their advice and sporting some flowers in our hair. Yep, we’ve whipped up (with a little help from DIY guru Kiersten Stevens of It's A Hit Events) a beyond-easy project to help you channel your inner-free-spirit. Whether you’re primping and prepping for your nuptials or just want to channel flower-child songstress Lana Del Rey, take a peek at our five easy steps and make your own floral fascinator in no time at all. We promise, the cheese factor is at a minimum.
Photographed by Christine Ting

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