Bonnaroo Or Bust: Your Packing List Made Easy

You're not exactly strapped for time just yet, but with two weeks left to pack for the season's next insane music fest — yes, Bonnaroo! — we don't recommend you lollygag around much longer. While the excitement is building for headliners such as Radiohead, The Beach Boys, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers (among many others in the lineup), we're here to gently remind you of a few important things you should be bringing along for your adventure.
Sure, Bonnaroo may not present the same sartorial challenge as, say, the desert heat of Coachella, but it does comes along with 700 acres of Tennessee camp ground. Whether your idea of "roughing it" means a hotel room with only one shower or a shower you'll share with about 80,000 fellow Bonnaroo buddies (the latter is more likely), come prepared with a few items to make the four-day tune fest go as smoothly as possible. Remember to keep it simple: While you should never have to sacrifice your sense of personal style, these ten items will help you find a friendly balance between your cute summer duds and the great outdoors.
Ahead, your Tennessee-ready packing list. Don't leave for Bonnaroo without it.

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