29 Signs It's Summer In L.A.

The year-round couch crashers from all over the country are a constant — and sometimes annoying — reminder of just how good we have it with our endless summers here in SoCal. But that doesn’t mean we don’t still get giddy as Memorial Day approaches, whispering promises of warm sand between our toes, outdoor shows, and maybe even a fetching fling or two.
And, since we take this season extremely seriously here at R29 L.A. (Summer Fridays, holla!), we’ve highlighted the meat and potatoes (or beets and kale) of what this time means to us. Like when your steering wheel practically gives you a third-degree burn and the only cure is a Coolhaus ice cream sando. Or when your pool-crashing plan gets the kibosh and you've gotta make a quick BFF for a backyard dip.
Consider this list of 29 hot summer indicators your alert to bust out those dusty bikinis, pretty picnic blankets, and faux tanners, because you have one long staycation ahead of you, folks.
Got SoCal summer memories you care to share? Don't hesitate to let us know the things that spell out the season for you in the comments!

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