The 17 Weirdest NY Craigslist Posts Up Right Now

It's just about summer in NYC, which means many things: rooftop BBQs, outdoor margaritas, and…looking for apartments and roommates. And while the pains of moving are great, at least the hilarity of searching for them online brings a little levity to the situation.
Enter, our latest Craigslist search. What began as an innocent troll for sublets wound up leading to the Missed Connections section, the for-sale section, and the, errm, "I'll trade you a tattoo for a small pure-bred puppy section," natch. And because we thought you could use a giggle after a long week, we've rounded up the most bizarre, out-of-the-box posts for a little mindless T.G.I.F fun. If nothing else, these slightly quirky personals will make you realize how normal your roommate really is.
Click through for the best NYC Craigslist posts — they're so much weirder than you think.

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