Geek Out At Internet Week With Refinery29 (We Have Your Passes!)

We love the Internet. Aside from the fact that, hey, you are reading us on it, a defining facet of the R29 crew is that we thrive online. Of course, we enjoy an occasional cat GIF, but in the last 10, five, or even two years, digital interconnectedness has made the fashion world much more robust. We tweet questions to designers, turn to Pinterest for inspiration, and sit "front row" to runway shows taking place on the other side of the world. (And, yes: Videos of kitties jumping in boxes.) Clearly, the web is our heaven.
Which is why Internet Week New York is just as important to us as the tents in September and February — it is just as much a part of our industry. (Though, admittedly, we get more sleep and less blisters at IWNY.) To anyone who gets their news online (i.e., everyone), this week is chock-full of poignant panels tackling creativity on the Internet, unpacking the role of Pinterest and Instagram, and discussing why fashion rules the web. Even R29 will drop some knowledge, with founder Philippe von Borries as a key speaker discussing how the internet has made fashion and commerce accessible to the masses.
Since IWNY is relevant to anyone working in media, tech, journalism, or fashion (in other words, New York City), R29 is giving away not one, but 50 passes to the conference. Not only does that mean up-close access to these great panels (including, ahem, R29's), but that means all the perks, too — from Uber vouchers to the invite-only parties. Just sign up below to enter to be one of our 50 guests to IWNY. You'll walk away with loads of insider knowledge, crucial new contacts, and a glimpse into the future. And maybe a new favorite place to find cat GIFs.

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