18 Mother's Day Gifts As Wonderful As She Is

Admit it. If you're looking for an honest opinion on how that dress really looks or whether that new job is worth it, it's Mom that you ask. And, why not? She's already experienced the same successes, struggles, mysterious weight gains, crushing heartbreaks, game-changing promotions — and yes, even that weird obsession with lucite bangles — that you're probably going through now.
And the fact that you're going through your own roller coaster of a life with grace, style, and chutzpah? You probably owe her some of that, too. So, really lay it on her this Mother's Day and don't skimp on the sweetness; even though a luxurious new skin treatment, a beautiful locket, and a softer-than-your-own-butt-when-you-were-a-baby cashmere blanket might not say it all, they're all certainly a good place to start. Ahead, 18 of the best Mother's Day gift picks that Momma deserves to receive.

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