Inside Our Editor-In-Chief's Closet: The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Guide

Crafting the perfect spring wardrobe takes a while — it's equally important to know what to ditch as it is what to keep (not to mention how to make it all work in what can otherwise be a frightening cram-box). While parting with your favorite garment can be such sweet sorrow, try not to get too forlorn. We've asked our very own, very organized EIC, Christene Barberich to show us how to emphasize the sweet part and even add a little sophistication into your spring closet cleaning. And obviously, she's leading by example from her very own tight closet space in Brooklyn. From where to donate or $ell your old favorites to making your closet feel like a little boutique (even if it's the size of a refrigerator), these eight expert tips are sure to add some flair — and fresh air — to your boudoir. So, click through and breathe with us, one folded nubby sweater at a time — cuz we all know having a pile of clothes fall on you every time you open your closet door is just so last season.

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