12 Beauty Apps Worth Downloading

Can an app make you more beautiful? Developers seem to think so: Whether it's beauty tips, advice, product reviews, tutorials, or getting your hands on products and services ASAP, there's a wealth of iPhone, iPad, and Android apps that make beauty on the go easy and fun. But you won't find any category dedicated to beauty in the App Store, so it takes some digging around to find the best downloads.
The good news is that apps have come a long way since the iPhone's debut and there are some gems to be found once you sift through the options. Facial imaging plays a big role in many beauty downloads, so you can snap your photo then virtually apply makeup to see how it will look against your skin's tone and texture. It's not perfect, but it's definitely fun to play with. Prices are also on the low side (in fact, most of our favorite beauty apps are free), but after downloading you quickly learn you'll need to cough up some extra dough to get to the good add-ons and effects.
We've done the hard part for you and found 12 beauty apps that are worth spending your precious data plans on. Check out these useful, fun, and (sometimes) downright wacky downloads and find the tools to take charge of your cosmetic destiny.
Photos: Via iTunes

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