9 Healthy Ways To Lose Those Last Few Pounds

We’re all about healthy self image here at R29, and we consider ourselves to be pretty satisfied with our bodies overall, but even the healthiest among us will admit to having trouble spots we wish were just a little more trim (hello love handles!). The problem is, if you are already pretty in shape to begin with, it can be so tough to lose those last few pounds — they don’t call it a plateau for nothing.
We wanted to see if there were any new, smart ways to rev up your system to ditch those last few lbs. for good, so we asked fitness expert David Barton and nutrition guru Dr. Oz Garcia to share some of their little-known tips for pushing your body past that weight-loss wall. From the best type of workout to outsmarting your appetite for overeating, read on for their best-kept diet and exercise secrets.

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