Product Smackdown: Dry Shampoo Rumble

Our laissez-faire attitude toward beauty is common knowledge at this point — if there's a shortcut to be had, we're the first in line to give it a shot. Which explains why we love our dry shampoos so much — nothing makes your greasy mop look fresh and clean for an extra day quite like these powdered miracles.
We've tried pretty much every spray, spritz, and powder on the market, so we consider ourselves to be connoisseurs of dry shampoo. While we all have our favorites, that doesn't mean we're not still on the lookout for the next big thing, which is why we asked four R29ers to play guinea pig for the latest crop of oily hair-fighters. Read on to find out which sprays added some oomph to our strands and which ones just fizzled out.
Who: Christy Kurtz, photo editor
The Contender: Arrojo Refinish Dry Shampoo
"I have super-thin, flat hair, so it only takes a day to look greasy. I normally use baby powder instead of a dry shampoo, mostly because I'm too lazy to find a dry shampoo I like, and baby powder is cheap!
"I tested out the Arrojo Refinish Dry Shampoo, and was generally impressed. The smell was pretty neutral, not too floral or baby powdery, which was a plus for me. It seemed to work pretty well — you could immediately see a difference in the the volume and dryness of my hair.
"The one negative side effect I noticed was the way it made my hair feel, which might have been my fault from putting so much in (I really went for it). By the end of the day my hair felt pretty coarse and unnatural. While the dryness seemed to last, I definitely had to wash my hair and couldn't go on to day three of unwashed hair, as I often do."
The Result: "I think I'd give this dry shampoo a second try and use less of it, but for me, it's too easy to overdo the spray. Baby powder seems to work better longer, with a gradual buildup of texture and dryness over multiple days, but this is great for a quick fix!"
Arrojo Refinish Dry Shampoo, $22, available at Arrojo.
Photographed by Guang Xu
Who: Charlene Chang, Reserve partnership manager
The Contender: Dove Hair Therapy Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo
"The texture of my hair is pretty smooth all around thanks to keratin treatments, but it can get greasy relatively quickly — within a day's time, depending on the weather. I also work out often, so I feel that ups the bleh feeling sometimes.
"I'm a recent convert to dry shampoo — I'd say I use it once a week for those days when I'm running low on time to get out the door and need a hair reboot. I tested out the Dove Hair Therapy Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo and I wasn't sure how I'd like the aerosol can since I usually use dry shampoo powders. The spray came out relatively easily and there wasn't any apparent residue, but the smell wasn't the best — a little overpowering and I think the aerosol can only enhanced that.
"The biggest pro was the amount of volume I got out of this, but the con was that it smelled of hairspray and I had to spray a good amount for oil absorption. At the end of the day my hair was definitely still dry, but I would say the grease wasn't completely gone. My texture after using the product was pretty smooth, however, so no crunchiness or build-up."
The Result: "I personally prefer dry shampoo powder, because I like how powders absorb more oil, but I like how much volume the aerosol gives your hair. I think this could be worth it for those who want a reboot for limp hair in the morning, but for oil control, I'd pass."
Dove Hair Therapy Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo, $4.89, available at
Photographed by Guang Xu
Who: Megan McIntyre, senior beauty editor
The Contender: Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo
"Like many thin-haired girls, I always worry that my strands get greasy at the roots and positively parched at the ends. Most dry shampoos I've tried in the past either don't have enough juice to suck up all my scalp oil, or are too drying and cause my ends to get all snarly. I'm devoted to Frédéric Fekkai's Au Naturel Dry Shampoo, but I just found out that they are discontinuing the product (stock up while you can, ladies), so it's time for me to find a new go-to.
"Batiste is a British upstart that's looking to dethrone Pssssst! and Klorane as an affordable, cool, cult-favorite hair zhusher. It comes in two formulas: Original and floral-scented Blush. Gross as this is, I notice my hair gets that weird, fried-food smell after a few days sans shower, so I opted to try the fragranced version. The scent was pretty, but a bit overpowering when I sprayed it. Quite a few of my fellow R29ers walked into the ladies room and were immediately thrown into coughing fits when they inhaled. Fortunately, it dissipated quickly and left my locks with a light, fresh scent that hid the odor of my funky follicles.
"The spray added some noticeable oomph to my locks as it sucked up all the oil, a welcome change of pace for someone used to flat, lifeless hair. One thing I did notice is that it gave my mane a noticeable matte finish and appeared to lighten up my hair color — all well and dandy for girls with lighter locks like mine, but this could be an issue for girls with dark strands."
The Result: "While Batiste held up on its promises to make grease, dirt, and product build-up disappear, I did notice a residue when I ran my fingers through my hair — which gave me a strong urge to wash my hands immediately. That said, this product definitely delivers on the volume and oil-eradicating fronts, plus it didn't cause my strands to get all snarled up at day's end, so I'm willing to overlook this one fault. I'm not quite sure this is the replacement for my beloved Fekkai, but it's definitely a contender. The price doesn't hurt either."
Batiste Blush Dry Shampoo, $7.99, available at Ulta.
Photographed by Guang Xu
Who: Amanda Keiser Reserve editor
The Contender: L'Oréal Professionnel Texture Expert Fresh Dust Hair Powder
"On the whole, I am a huge dry shampoo advocate. My hair is fine, but there’s a whole lot of it, so it gets oily by the end of the day. By day two, forget it, I feel like a total greaseball. So, if I want to go without washing, I always use dry shampoo. My go-to right now is Ojon’s Full Detox Rub-Out Dry Cleansing Spray, and I’ve been pretty happy with it, so I was curious to see how L’Oréal Professionnel's Fresh Dust would stack up… especially since it’s an aerosol, and I’ve never been able to find a spray that works as well as a powder. "When I first sprayed it on, I immediately noticed that it had a really light, clean smell — not overwhelmingly chemical-y like a lot of sprays. I was also impressed that it didn’t leave any noticeable residue or cakeyness near the roots — it literally was like spraying on a light 'dust,' and it left my hair feeling fresh and clean. That said, the little bit of volume it had initially given my roots seemed to deflate within twenty minutes of application. Also, by the end of the day, I saw some greasiness returning to my scalp."
The Result: "Overall, I think my hair was just too heavy for the product. I’m definitely going back to Ojon, but if you’re looking for a lightweight spray to give thin hair a boost, this might be a great solution."
L'Oréal Professionnel Texture Expert Fresh Dust Hair Powder, $19, L'Oréal Professionnel for salons.
Photographed by Guang Xu

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