Rad Or Bad: Nail Art On Your Fingers

Usually, when we see a new nail-art trend, our immediate reaction is "when can we try this on our own digits?" But lately, we've been seeing something kinda weird cropping up on claws around the web and we can't say we're in any rush to duplicate it.
We first saw painted fingers backstage at Vena Cava's fall '11 show, where models rocked rings of polish beyond their tips, but it looks like many nail-art enthusiasts have taken that notion and just gone wild. Fabulosity of this Hey Arnold! mani aside, check it out: the polish is straight up on her fingers.
While we can sympathize with the problem of not being able to contain your polish-Picasso tendencies within the lines of your nail beds, we're not sure how we feel about this coloring-outside-the-lines situation. Does the polish stay on the skin? Or does it start flaking off, leaving Arnold and Gerald with a bad case of dandruff — totally destroying the effect of the manicure? What happens when the color starts growing out? Helga G. Pataki will not be happy if she's parted with her bow. And who among us can resist the irresistible urge to just pick at the polish? We're guessing that much lacquer on our skin will just feel weird and shrink-wrapped, and we're bound to start messing with it.
But what do you think? Does having more canvas for your funky creations outweigh the cons? Or are you cool with keeping it in the cuticles? Let us know in the comments!
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Image Via: Oh My Nails

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