15 Perfect Spring Dresses For 15 Body Types

It happens all the time: You pick out an amazing frock, start fantasizing about where and when you'll wear it, and then, just as you're trying it on, you suddenly realize the darn thing looked much better on the hanger. We get it. It's happend to us (a lot). And, we've learned that the key to avoiding that major bummer moment is understanding each of our different shapes and the silhouettes that flatter them best.
So, we've broken down the most common body types — from the Carrot to the Ballerina to the curvy hourglass, this isn't your average guide to shapes and figures, we promise — to help sort out the looks that really work for you (and you, and you). We paired each bod with a dress that shows off her best assets and serves as inspiration for all of your future shopping adventures.
Read ahead for 15 tips to help you embrace your figure, and find a spring dress that works for you...not the other way around.
Illustrated by Gabriela Alford

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