Why Don't You...Give These Wide-Brimmed Toppers A Whirl?

Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of getting stuck in ruts. From dating to style quandaries — you name it, we've been there. And when we face a funk, it’s important to remember there’s a big, wide world of options out there just waiting to be snapped up, put on, and checked out. But, it isn’t always easy to find the inspiration to switch things up on your own. That’s why we're stepping in. Welcome to "Why Don’t You?" — a column inspired by the late, great original editrix Diana Vreeland.
Vreeland’s original "Why Don’t You?" column inspired an entire generation of readers with wildly evocative suggestions for style and living. Nothing was off-limits, from using a giant clam shell as an ice bucket to wearing a cellophane belt emblazoned with your telephone number (and don't forget, velvet mittens with everything). "Why Don’t You?" wasn't meant to be followed to a T though, it was meant to shake you up, and remind you that ordinary only has to be as dull as you let it be. In the spirit of Vreeland and enlivening every day, we bring you our first installment with a summer challenge in mind: Why don’t you swap constant sunscreen re-application for a dramatic wide-brimmed topper? It's a go-to summer essential, and with fest season in full swing — you're gonna need a shield from the sun's strong rays. So, click through, and hold onto your hats, 'cause this one's a doozy!

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