Festival Fashion Advice: What To Do With Your Maxi Dress When Nature Calls

how to pee in a maxi dress
Last year, we shed some light on the mind-boggling issue that is navigating a port-a-nightmare in a romper. This year, we're going to tackle another problematic festival staple: the maxi dress. With a little practice and determination, you too can master any truly perplexing challenge that presents itself this summer, like, you know... going to the bathroom.
Step 1: Pack an extra hair elastic in your purse, or hide one or two among your wrist full of bangles.
Step 2: Before entering the "ladies room", perhaps even while you're waiting in line, gather the fabric of the dress below the knee, and use the hair elastic to secure it in a knot above your knees. Look ma, you've got two hands!
Step 3: Use the restroom. If unfamiliar with the proceedure, ask a friend.
Step 4: Remove the hair elastic and continue living your life.
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