Can Someone Please Nominate This Guy For A CFDA Award?

Okay, so maybe that sounded a little extreme, but after seeing Daniel Vosovic's fall '12 line in person, we're convinced his star is shooting straight to the top. Designed, cut, sewn, and produced in NYC, this collection pulls inspiration from the '90s in a decidedly chicer way than the actual '90s would have allowed. The North Face fleece gets updated with sleek, black shearling, schoolgirl skirts become incredibly sophisticated in thick silk fabrics, and that old jean jacket is amped up in original water-drop prints and neoprenes. The best part of this line, though, is that in person each garment has an extra-covetable twist: Drape-front gowns have a low, open back, and structured dresses are lined with lush, comfortable sweatshirt material. Sure, we'd go back to our Ricky Martin/tattoo necklaces/spaghetti-strap tank-tops over T-shirt wearing days if it meant being able to wear just a few of these pieces, but luckily, we don't have to — we're just psyched we get to wear them now.
Click through for one of our new fall '12 favorites, and gush with us about Daniel Vosovic in the comments below.
Photos: Courtesy of Daniel Vosovic

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